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The transition from one culture to another is often a difficult and challenging experience, even under the best of circumstances. For many people this transition is further complicated by challenges surrounding the pursuit of legal status in the United States. This is true for the immigrant who wishes to settle permanently in this country but also for his or her loved ones.
In addition to providing therapy that focuses on cultural assimilation and immigrant experience, I also conduct clinical immigration evaluations to assist individuals and their loved ones in the immigration process. If your attorney suggested that you obtain an immigration evaluation from a licensed mental health specialist, you’ve come to the right address. I’ve worked with immigrants from myriad countries and cultures and I’ve conducted countless evaluations that have added tremendous value to immigration cases.
What is a clinical immigration evaluation?

A clinical immigration evaluation is a psychological assessment that is used to help an immigration judge determine whether an individual may remain in the United States. They are used in three major areas of immigration proceedings:
Political Asylum Cases: 

Applicants for political asylum may be granted the right to remain in the United States if they have been persecuted or fear persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.
Spousal Abuse/Domestic Violence (VAWA) Cases: 

The VAWA immigration provisions is a means for battered and abused spouses (and certain parents and children) to obtain legal residency without the cooperation of the U.S. citizen of permanent resident relative who is abusing them. Despite being called the Violence Against Women Act, men and women may both self-petition.
Extreme Hardship Cases: 

In Extreme Hardship cases, a U.S. citizen or a U.S. legal permanent resident is the loved one - child, parent, spouse, or fiancée – of an individual who is at risk of deportation. This U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident applies for a waiver on the basis that a removal of this loved one would result in extreme hardship (including financial hardship, medical hardship, and psychological hardship).
Given my unique combination of experience in the field of immigration law and psychotherapy treatment, I am ideally positioned to provide comprehensive evaluation reports in these three areas of immigration proceedings for you and your immigration attorney.
Immigration attorneys applaud my work as outlined in these testimonials:
"Linda has been a godsend to my immigration law practice.  Linda devotes substantial time with each client (multiple sessions), and is able to draw out facts and circumstances and present them in a credible, comprehensive, and understandable manner in a way I could never do.  Her analyses of the hardships our clients and family members face are compelling.  All of us immigration lawyers have the experience of trying to convince a US government agency that our client's hardship is extreme or unusual, and it can be like talking to a brick wall.  Linda takes the truth and makes it persuasive.   So far, every time I've come back to USCIS with a report from Linda (after extensive analysis and work on her part), my case has succeeded.  It won't happen every time -- I don't expect it to.  But I know when I've had Linda analyze a client, I'm giving the case my best shot.  And if the client complains about cost, I ask them, just how important is it that you win your case.  So far, I've not had one client regret spending the money with Linda." - Laura Jaskinsky, Esq., Jaskinsky Immigration Law, Stamford, CT
"Working with Linda on an I-601 waiver for extreme hardship was a rewarding and successful experience. Linda took the time to understand the facts surrounding my client's case and tailored her evaluation to my client's emotional state. Her extensive background in immigration and expert grasp of the concept of "extreme hardship" was critical to the compelling nature of her evaluation. In addition, her insight gave me ideas for additional legal analysis, which I included in the waiver application. Ultimately, the waiver was approved, and I have no doubt that Linda's evaluation was instrumental in the waiver's success." - Julie Muniz, Esq., Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, New York, NY

"Linda goes above and beyond in her evaluation work. She works with a high level of integrity both in her communication with the patient/client and attorneys and legal staff and in the quality of her psychological evaluations. Linda's depth of legal knowledge, her formal psychology training, and her extremely personable and professional demeanor make her a delight to work with -- even on the toughest cases.  She can brainstorm with the attorney about how the client's condition and symptoms relate to their legal matter, writes in a succinct, honest and specific way, and most importantly she can work with patients easily and efficiently, allowing them  to open up and tell their stories.  Linda went above and beyond even contacting prior social workers and relatives by phone to get a complete picture of these patients' circumstances and history." - Therese McNulty, Esq., New Americas Center, Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY

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